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  • See the process of drilling and reclamation.
  • A focus on balancing the benefits of our operations.


Exploration for and production of natural gas and oil is a major industry in western Colorado that provides jobs and economic benefits to the region.  Importantly, with this comes the responsibility to be a good neighbor.  Community Counts is a 501c3 community-based program designed to offer residents a timely resource for open and respectful dialogue when they have issues, concerns or questions relating to the energy and extraction industries operating in Garfield, Mesa and Rio Blanco Counties. 

Members of Community Counts strive to balance the economic and social benefits of the industry with the impacts the operations have on host communities and the environment. 

Key to being a good neighbor is the ability of operators to respond quickly to concerns.  In addition, residents need to be informed about activities in their area and know what to expect.  Who is the operator of the rig near their home?  How can residents contact the operator?  How long will the operation take? What can residents do about nuisance factors such as noise, dust, odors or traffic issues?  Operators, contractors and service companies, municipalities, counties, emergency responders, local businesses and citizens have joined together to connect residents to the information they need to answer these questions. 

Click here for The Good Neighbor Pledge our industry partners sign to become a member of Community Counts.

The following tools are designed to build and strengthen the vital communication pipelines that encourage  respectful dialogue and an informed citizenry:


 Response Line.  (1.866.442.9034) (If the Response Line is not working please call CCC Executive Director at 303-916-4009 or send an inquiry through our website) There are nine operators along with the Executive Director that provides a 24/7 on-call contact.  When residents call the main Community Counts Response Line number, they can get in direct touch with an operator and receive a resolution to a concern or answer to a question in a timely manner.  Operators and their contractors work hand in hand to address and resolve concerns.  Because being accountable is an important part of being a member of Community Counts, all calls and resolutions that come through Community Counts are tracked via our website.  In an additional step to provide transparency regarding efforts to identify and address industry impacts, Community Counts staff provide monthly updates to the Garfield County Energy Advisory Board and quarterly updates to the COGCC Northwest Oil and Gas Forum and the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners.

Website.  The Community Counts’ website is designed to serve as an interactive resource for the community.  Comments may be submitted online and Community Counts staff will respond in a timely manner.  (Please note that for immediate response it is necessary to call the Response Line directly, 1.866.442.9034 or Nita Smith at 970.712.7317.)   Anyone interested in western Colorado’s energy and extraction operations will find a variety of resources including information about Community Counts, its Board, its members and links to resources about the industry that includes our Good Neighbor Certification Program (information found under the GNT tab above). Periodically, we’ll include information about key issues impacting our area.

Community Counts Map.  As a resource for our community, our map shows participating operators’ activities in the area.  In addition to the map, Community Counts operators and staff make every attempt to inform the public, operators and contractors about rig move dates and routes, high volume work traffic, road closures and delays, livestock moves and community events.

Community Events.  Community Counts hosts community events from time to time to inform residents about the program and foster relationship building.  If you would like to have a community event in your area, or want Community Counts staff or Board members to speak to your group or organization, please contact Nita Smith at 970.712.7317.  For upcoming events, view our calendar.  For educational topics, go to our resources section.

Communication and information-sharing is vital to working together.  We look forward to being of assistance if you have concerns, need information, or would like to become a member of Community Counts.

Susan Alvillar
Terra Energy Partners
President, Board of Directors
Nita Smith
NLS Business Solutions
Executive Director